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Juice Lubes Anti-Seize Assembly Compound

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AAS Juice is the smuttily named paste that’ll keep your bits moving freely and make workshop time a breeze. It’s a top quality, aluminium assembly paste that fights off cold welding, corrosion and seizing, stops annoying squeaks and squeals and does away with those swearing at your pedal spanner moments.

Blob a bit of AAS Juice on when you build or maintain your bike and you’ll guarantee less cursing next time you need to remove a component from your bike. It works great on bottom brackets, pedals, headsets and anywhere with metal to metal contact.

  • Aluminium Anti Seize is a high-quality anti seize paste for use in all metal to metal situations where the avoidance of cold welding, galling and seizure is required
  • Suitable for use on all types of bike - Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Commuter
  • Makes assembly of threaded items smoother and easier
  • Allows for easy future adjustment or deconstruction for maintenance
  • General good bike assembly prep paste
  • Ensures a good, squeak free interface between parts
  • Allows for more accurate torque levels when tightening bolts
  • Reduces the risk of over-tightening

How To

 STEP 1 

Go easy – Apply a small amount to anywhere with a metal to metal contact point.


 STEP 2 

Go tight – Attach your bits back together and tighten with a torque wrench to the manufacturer’s settings. Wipe off any excess.


 STEP 3 

Go ride – Forget all about AAS Juice, ride till your legs are deep fried and the seasons change from endless sun to bottomless night.

When you next need to fix your bike, AAS Juice will be waiting to brighten your day with stress-free spannerning.