The Circuits are Stiff, Light, Acceleration Kings! Originally designed with competitive road teams, the Circuit platform has evolved, now extending to multiple models and disciplines. The Circuit Carbon Fiber is the road animal and the new Circuit Mountain (MTN) is developed with Kevlar radness and used by world class DH'ers and Enduro riders alike.

Every base in the family are injected with Nylon Glass Fiber which provide optimal weight and strength savings and constructed with a dominate Base Bridge. This bridge allows for ultimate stiffness, resulting in superior power transfer with each pedal stroke. To combat the structural firmness, each Circuit incorporates a Light-Weight EVA foam.

Weight: Ti-Alloy 220g

Dimensions: 280mm x 135mm

Optimal Rideable Area (ORA): (90-130) Small-Medium

Disciplines: Mtn (XC, Trail, Enduro) &; CX.

Frames & Forks