Stan's NoTubes Rim Strips

Why use the NoTubes rim strip on tubeless rims?
Using the moulded rim strip in tubeless rims creates a much stronger interface with the tyre and rim. Without our rim strips, mounting a standard tyre on a tubeless rim creates a poor interface, making it easier to burp air.

Standard Rim Strip - (53”x26mm)

Fits most 29";, 26” and 24” cross country rims; 21.5mm-25mm wide. Including:

DT Swiss: 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 420, 540, E 530/540, EX 500/1750, M480, X 420SL/430/450/455, XRC 300 Carbon, XR 10/20/350/400/425/440
Mavic: UST, 221, 223, 519, XM 117/317/517/719/819, XC 717, Crossmax 26, Crossrider, Crosstrail UST
Am. Classic: 350, MTB 26, MTB 29
WTB: Laser Disc XC, Laser Beam, Laser Disc, Speed Master
Bontrager: Race XXX Lite TLR/X Lite 26/X Lite 29er/Race, Mustang 26, UST, Valiant 29er Disc only
Velocity: 225, VXC 26 Disc
Sun: 0 Lite, 0 XC, AT18, CR18, DS1, DS2, EQ 23/25, Inferno 23/25, SR25, Sub4, UFO
Fulcrum: Red Metal 5
Easton: XC1 26
and other similar rims.

Cross Country 29er Rim Strip - (57”x26mm) (Formerly Plus Four)

Fits most 29” rims; 21.5mm-25mm wide. Including:
DT Swiss: M520, TK 540, TK 7.1, X 470/450SL
Mavic: A317, TN 719, Crossmax 29
Velocity: Aero 23 29, Aero A23, Synergy 29er, VXC 29er
WTB: Laser Disc Trail 29, Speed Disc All MTN 29, Laser 29, Dual Duty XC 700c
Easton: XC1 29
Bontrager: Mustang 29, Ranger Disc 29, Super Stock
Sun: Envy, EQ25, Inferno 23/25
Alex: EN24, RHD, DM18
Vuelta: Team Superlight
and other similar rims.

All Mountain 29er - (65”x26mm) (Formerly 29er)

Fits many 29” rims; 25mm-28mm wide. Including:
Mavic: 520 Touring 29
Bontrager: 29er V-Brake;
Sun: Rhyno Lite
Alex: DP20, TN21
and similar rims.

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