New for 2013 the Smart ENVE System (SES) flagship race wheel is also available in a clincher model. Well known for its disc defying aerodynamics the 8.9 is the wheelset of choice for riders taking every advantage they can against the clock. The SES 8.9 was designed in a bicycle frame with stability in mind. Incorporating the SES� patented sidewall shapes and texturized brake tracks in this deep section wheelset means that it can be ridden confidently in the toughest conditions. The SES 8.9, like other ENVE products, is stiff, strong and light making them equally at home in the peloton as they are in Kona.
Known for producing the strongest, stiffest and lightest rims on the market, ENVE's SES 8.9s are no different, and equally at home in the peloton as they are in Kona.

DT Hubs available in black only.

Chris king Hubs available in 9 different anodised colours, including black, red, gold, navy, mango, green, pink, pewter, brown.

Smart Enve System 8.9 Clincher

- Rim 643g / 656g
- DT 180* 1753g
- DT 240* 1800g
- King R45* 1785g

Depth - 85mm / 95mm

Width - Outer 26mm / 24mm

Hole Count - 16 / 20

ERD - 484 / 469

Finish - UNI

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