New for 2012, the 8.9 is the third installment of the Smart ENVE System (SES) aero wheel line. With an 85mm deep front rim and a 95 mm rear, the Smart ENVE System 8.9s were developed in the wind tunnel, on a bike frame, with a mannequin rider to optimize speed and stability. The 8.9 is not only engineered to produce class leading drag numbers when installed on a bike, but the shape of the rim is optimized to ensure even and predictable airflow attachment allowing for improved handling and confidence in variable crosswinds. A perfect TT or triathlon wheelset, the Smart ENVE System 8.9s have already made a mark with a 5th place finish under Timo Bracht at the 2011 Ironman World Championship and 1st place finish at the 2011 Australian Ironman.

Known for producing the strongest, stiffest and lightest rims on the market, ENVE's SES 8.9s are no different, and equally at home in the peloton as they are in Kona.

DT Hubs available in black only.

Chris king Hubs available in 9 different anodised colours, including black, red, gold, navy, mango, green, pink, pewter, brown.

Smart Enve System 8.9 Tubular

- Rim 500g / 545g
- DT 180* 1510g
- DT 240* 1545g
- King R45* N/A

Depth - 85mm / 95mm

Width - Outer 26mm / 24mm

Hole Count - 16 / 20

ERD - 484 / 469

Finish - UNI

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