The new Smart ENVE System 6.7 is specifically designed for the performance driven Triathlete and Road Racer. The 6.7s have proven time and again to be the fastest, most stable, wheelset available when installed on a bike in comparison to wheels of similar stature. Having been available for only a few months, the 6.7s are rapidly forging a presence on triathlon and road race podiums around the globe. In May 2011, Timo Bracht in his first race aboard the svelte 6.7, broke one of the longest standing Ironman records in Lanzarote, Spain. We believe that this is just the beginning of many records that will fall to the quiet 6.7s.

Smart 6.7 Tubular

Weight: Rim (set) 440g / 480g
Depth: 60mm / 70mm
Width: (outer)26mm / 24mm
Hole Count: 20 / 24
ERD:** 535 / 517
Finish: UNI

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