Just as the Smart ENVE System 6.7 is forging a presence on triathlon and road race podiums around the globe, ENVE Composites is now shipping the 6.7s shallower counterpart known as the Smart ENVE System 3.4.

The new Smart ENVE System 3.4s are specifically designed as a multi-purpose wheelset that can be used in virtually all weather conditions, terrains and disciplines. The 3.4s, being shallower, offer maximum performance characteristics for professional and novice riders alike in mountainous terrain, or when the wind conditions are too strong for the 6.7s. The 3.4 wheel system is capable of producing very low drag numbers while creating a higher stability index given its shallower depth. The front rim is 26mm wide and 35mm deep while the rear is 24mm wide and 45mm deep.

DT Hubs available in black only.

Chris king Hubs available in 9 different anodised colours, including black, red, gold, navy, mango, green, pink, pewter, brown

Smart ENVE System 3.4 Tubular

- Rim (set) 340g / 380g
- DT 190* 1223g
- DT 240* 1258g
- King R45* 1243g

Depth - 35mm / 45mm

Width - Outer 26mm / 24mm

Hole Count - 20 / 24

ERD - 584 / 564

Finish - UNI

Frames & Forks