Prolan Enduro Medium Grade - Frame Protector

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Prolan Enduro Medium Grade is a light brown lanolin liquid that is easily sprayable leaving a shiny finish. It is an excellent versatile General purpose lubricant with a multitude of uses. Also is effective as an environmentally friendly rust preventative which saves downtime on maintenance, protects and increases the resale value on assets. This product is a FOOD GRADE Lubricant with International Food Safety Approvals.

300gm Aerosol Blue with Straw.

Guide for Prolan Medium Grade:

Is your application for general lubricatin and corrosion protection in "standard" corrosive environment i.e. air? e.g. protect steel frame bikes, protect quad bikes, frames and boat motor internals, as a general workshop lubricant. 

 This product is Velo Workshop's current recommendation for frame protection and preparation.