Vittoria Standard Butyl Inner Tubes 27.5"

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General purpose butyl inner tubes for everyday use. Standard inner tubes are made with high quality synthetic rubber with a wall thickness of 0.9 mm. Standard tubes offer good puncture resistance and a solid airtight performance in every instance.

  • 27.5x1.5/2.0 AV schrader 48mm - 200g
  • 27.5x1.95/2.50 AV schrader 48mm - 217g
  • 27.5x1.95/2.50 FV presta 48mm - 214g
  • 27.5x2.50/3.0 AV schrader 48mm - 303g
  • 27.5x2.50/3.0 FV presta 48mm - 300g