Vittoria Pit Stop Road Racing

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The FIRST inflate and repair cartridge IDEAL for both TUBULARS and TYRES!

As is known, tubulars offer the finest performance cyclist could ever desire, and it's no coincidence that they are chosen by most professionals. However, they have one disadvantage: punctures are very difficult to repair.
This problem has now been solved thanks to the new Vittoria "Pit Stop Road racing" inflate and repair cartridge, ideal for both tubulars and tyres.

- INFLATES a 21-28" tubular up to 6.5 bar (enough to get home and increase pressure with a pump) and a tyre from 0 to 6 bar. (26” up to 2.30 - 27.5” up to 2.20 - 29” up to 2.10)

- PERMANENTLY REPAIRS punctures in tubulars/tyres thanks to the special pure latex foam contained in the mixture. Latex, in fact, vulcanises with the compound and permanently seals the puncture.

- Offers 3 months of PREVENTION: 3 months is the time taken by latex to dry in the inner tube. During this period, latex acts as a preventive anti-puncture liquid.

- UNIVERSAL HEAD: excellent for Presta, Schrader, Dunlop and Regina valves, in other words... for all! No adaptors are required: simply fit the cartridge onto the valve and press.