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The new Metron Front Hydration System offers an increase in volume compared to the previous version (up to 700ml from 600ml) and has an articulated, collapsible straw attachment that enables the rider to easily take a drink at various angles, improving accessibility and convenience. This represents a real positive for the athlete, who might be in the saddle for hours at a time maintaining an aerodynamic time trial position. The system has an updated design with a new aerodynamic profile, arrived at using extensive CFD software to achieve the greatest aerodynamic efficiency. Meanwhile, it also features Vision’s Drop Bottle System and extension mounts, as well as a detachable Bento box. The Metron Front Hydration System structure also features a secure mounting bracket compatible with all bike computer head units for greater accessory integration, and adds just 335g to the rider’s bike when fitted. CFD refined integrated bottle with bento box and computer mount Articulated straw mount to allow precise angulations and unobtrusive fold-away Patented and removable labyrinth water fill-spout for rapid refills without splashing Forward computer mount Included Vision Drop Bottle System and Extension Mount Capacity: 700ml