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Own all your Watts!

Do you want to have an edge over your rivals in your upcoming road race, time trail, Triathlon, track race or Mountain Bike Event? A SonicWatts wax chain saves 1-1.5% equivalent to roughly 2-6 watts at 250 watts.

Every SonicWatts chain goes through a 3 stage Ultrasonic cleaning process to remove all factory grease-type lube off the chain before being bathed ultrasonically in a special formulated mixture of paraffin wax, PTFE and MoS2 mixture. PTFE is finally dusted over the chain to further reduce friction .

We can produce a result that gives you 500 km of optimal performance after which the chain will need to be re-waxed to replicate peak performance


1x chain model you choose

1x SonicWatts Optimal Wax Treatment applied to chain

1x 20% off discount for re-wax