Salsa EXP Series Anything Cradle

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Designed to create carrying capacity in front of your handlebars


he Anything Cradle is designed to be a superior solution to the dry bag and strap or handlebar rolls that folks have been accepting for years. The placement of the Anything Cradle holds your gear away from your bars. This creates room for cables and housing without fear of kinking, stressing, or otherwise damaging them. Your cockpit is free to remain adjusted as you prefer.

EXP Series Anything Cradle

Materials - Nylon 6/6 composite cradle, 6061 forged aluminum arms
Construction Methods - Injection-molded cradle and forged arms


  • Modular system, use our EXP Series Dry Bags for the perfect carrying system or your own dry bag with a ladder strap system
  • Works with or without front pouch
  • “Ladder Lock” 3-slot strap weave design that eliminates strap slipping
  • Extremely versatile
  • Weight - 420g with hardware
  • Max. Load Weight - 3.7 kg
  • Arm dimensions: 70mm centre to centre, 14mm thick

EXP Series Anything Cradle Front Straps

Anything Cradle Straps are the perfect width for our Anything Cradle, but can also be used to strap stuff down on racks or wherever the heck you want to strap stuff. They cinch tight but easily release tension with a push of the buckle. Carry a couple with you for your planned or unplanned strapping needs.

 Materials- 25mm nylon webbing, Duraflex hardware