Bike Yoke REVIVE Dropper Post

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Bike Yoke Revive Posts will change the way you think about Dropper Posts - They are genuinely SET and FORGET.

  • Reset spongy post symptoms without servicing

  • Incredible build quality

  • Unbelievably light and smooth action

  • Minimal servicing 

  • No cartridge

  • Free spare parts

The cable-actuated Revive offers 10mm extra travel without increasing the overall length of the post (160mm), excellent ergonomics and low weight. Plus an action smoother than any post we've tried with less (almost zero!!) play.  All this without being priced above the competition.

What really sets this post apart is the fact that you can bleed the internal hydraulics without opening the post – We're talking less than 5 seconds using a 4mm hex tool (or the provided lever) whilst the post is in your frame - even on the trail!

At a time when 100% reliability is proving hard to achieve, BikeYoke’s approach brings a realistic and clever approach to a competitive market - Simple Servicing, No Internal Floating Piston, No Replacing Cartridges.