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The sleek new MRP Race Axles give you increased rear end clearance - especially useful for those who ride tight, technical trails. In some cases, our Race Axles save upwards of an inch (~25mm). Additionally, they weigh in anywhere from 20-50% LESS than the common QR-style thru-axles (Shimano E-Thru, DT-Swiss RWS, and Syntace X12). - Lightweight alloy construction - 6mm hex head - 35-46 g Available Models: - WB-17-5107 Race Axle 1 x 167mm (Syntace Style) - WB-17-5108 Race Axle 1 x 173mm (Syntace Style) - WB-17-5109 Race Axle 1.5 x 172mm - WB-17-5110 Race Axle 1.5 x 178mm - WB-17-5111 Race Axle 1.5 x 187mm - WB-17-5112 Race Axle 1.75 x 174mm - WB-17-5113 Race Axle 1.75 x 180mm - WB-17-5114 Race Axle 1.75 x 192mm - WB-17-5115 Race Axle 1.75 x 198mm