Praxis - Alloy HD E-Bike Cranks

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Great Aluminum Forged options that are compatible with many e-Bike motors like Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, Fazua and versions for Specialized ISIS and M30 “SL” motors.  


  • Alloy eCranks | Cold Forged Aluminum
  • Heavy Duty “HD” ISIS set – 160/165mm
  • New HD Heavy Duty version for aggressive MTN riders.  
  • AL main crank bolt with self-extractor |  M24 Bolt for ISIS eCranks
  • 8mm Allen wrench for install/removal of cranks | 50Nm torque
  • HD Weight 558g +/-
  • Note : Rubber crank boot protectors not included with alloy eCranks. 

All eBike motors have different width spindles and this directly affects the Qfactor when the crank is installed.  These are the Qfactors when you install this crank on these motors :

  • Standard & HD : 170mm Q when installed on Giant/Yamaha motor
  • Standard & HD : 180mm Q when installed on BOSCH motor

Specialized “Levo/Kenevo” and “SL” cranks – Both sets are made specific for these bike/motors and have a 182mm Qfactor.