Project 321 Boost Rear Hub 148x12

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  • Weighs in at a competitive 282.3g
  • Fully customizable drive system with multiple options:
    • 6×2 (6 pawls with 2 pawl engagement) driver that yields 1.7° (216 POE) engagement or our 6×3 (6 pawls with 3 pawl engagement) option that yields 2.5° (144 POE) engagement
    • Quiet or loud pawls.
    • XD or HG driver.
  • Very low drag driver. Our new drive system with quiet pawls produces 68% less drag than the system we previously used. Our loud pawls produce 51% less.
  • Machined pockets in the drive chamber allow for 25x more oil than our competitors’ hubs – more oil dampens sound slightly but it also extends time between service intervals.
  • Fine pitch bearing preload adjustment allows for zero play and compensation for bearing wear.
  • Better flange angles eliminate (or drastically reduce) spoke contact with flange,  reduce lateral flange loading and create a stiffer and longer lasting wheel build.
  • Industry leading warranty: 10 years on hub shell and axle, 3 years on pawls, drive ring, and driver body.


With the release of the new Boost standard, hub manufacturers were given an additional 6mm of axle width to work with. With the wider axle spacing and chain line moved over 3mm manufacturers had the opportunity to widen flange spacing and increase bracing angles which builds a stiffer wheel. Many manufacturers just took their standard hubs and stretched it 3mm in both directions from center. We opted to take full advantage of the 3mm available on the drive side because the drive side has the weaker bracing angle to begin with. However we left the disc side flange at 34mm from center which brings the left and right side bracing angles within 2.0° of each other. For you true wheel building nerds out there, this will give you a 72% ratio between left and right side spokes with a zero offset nipple bed. Compare these numbers to most bost hubs on the market and you will find they run in the low 60% range in terms of tension ratios. Combine this with our flange angles that are matched to the bracing angle and you will build a stiffer, stronger, and longer lasting wheel using our boost hubs.

Product Highlights

Patent pending drive mechanism. All Project321 rear hubs are now equipped with our new magnetically actuated, 6 pawl, ratchet drive system. This new system gives you a combination of options and features like no other drive system on the market. Click here to read more about this innovative drive system!

Thoughtfully angled flanges. This is a big one folks. We are the only manufacturer on the market to create a little to no-touch environment that allows the spokes to touch the hub only at the bend and nowhere else. This creates a more stable and true wheel and eliminates any unnecessary stress on the spokes. We have achieved this by matching the angle of the flanges to the average bracing angle of the spokes and remove any interference.  On many of our competitors’ hubs the flanges are vertical or near vertical causing the outside spokes to make heavy contact with the flange creating a stress riser and reducing the strength and stiffness of the wheel. You can read more about this here.

Formed rotor bolt threads. Rotor bolt holes are formed which creates a much stronger thread than the more common method of cut tapping.

Easy to maintain.  There are no special tools required to perform any maintenance, just a basic set of bicycle tools will do.

Machined logo. Hubs also feature a unique CNC machined logo versus a lasered or stickered logo.

Industry leading warranty. 10 years on hub shell and axle, 3 years on pawls, drive ring, and driver body.

Rigid Quality Control. This is something we take VERY seriously. You will not receive a hub with a scratch or ding. We believe it is your job to try and tear this baby up, not ours. We also maintain tight controls on anodizing to provide consistent colors and use an extra long seal to preserve color. Unfortunately, fading is part of the nature of the anodizing process, but the extra long seal helps maintain the original brilliance as long as possible.

Outstanding Customer Service. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and our availability. A real person still answers the phone and we have a team of knowledgeable sales and technical advisers available to help you over the phone or via email. Our response times are normally very fast, often same day and our shipping team works hard to get your product as quickly as possible (often same day).

  • Weight: 282.3g
  • Axle options: 148×12 TA only.
  • Utilizes our new patent-pending magnetically actuated, 6 pawl, ratchet drive system.
    • Available with a 6×2 (6 pawls with 2 pawl engagement) driver that yields 216 points of engagement or a 6×3 (6 pawls with 3 pawl engagement) driver that yields 144 points of engagement. (6×3 system only recommended for tandems, e-bikes, and riders over 275lbs).
    • Both options available with either quiet or loud pawls.
    • XD and HG driver bodies available.
  • New CNC engraved logo (not laser etch or sticker).
  • Industry leading warranty: 10 years on hub shell and axle, 3 years on pawls, drive ring, and driver body.
  • Made in Bend, OR.
  • Comes standard with 5 High Precision Japanese Cartridge bearings.
    • Upgrade to Kogel Ceramic bearings for $185.90.
  • Better flange angles eliminate (or drastically reduce) spoke contact with flange, reduce lateral flange loading and create a stiffer and longer lasting wheel build.
  • Bearing preload adjustment that can be accurately loaded to adjust bearing preload for zero play and to compensate for bearing wear.
  • We recommend using only Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil in our drive system.
  • Lightly polished before ano to retain a machined look.  Not over polished.
  • 24, 28 and 32 hole options available.
  • Available in all 10 color options with long lasting anodization.