Project 321

Project 321 Boost Front Hub 110x15

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  • Competitive weight at 168.3g (including bearings and end caps)
  • Designed with wider flange angles to be compatible with the new Boost standard.
  • Flange angles that allow the spokes to only touch at the bend of the spoke and no where else creating a stiffer wheel.
  • Sleek design, CNC engraved logo, pre-polished for extra shine!
  • Brilliant colors, long lasting anodization.
  • All hubs ship with most current model end caps.


Our Boost Front Hub has all of the same attributes as our ISO Front Hub but with a 10mm wider spacing to be compatible with the new Boost standard released by Trek in 2015. The purpose of this is to create a stronger and stiffer wheel by improving the bracing angle of the spokes. Unlike most hub manufacturers, we have put a little more thought into this new design. Most manufacturers have chosen to simply move both of the flanges out by 5mm (or worse yet, extend the axle and leave the hub shell the same). The problem with this is that a typical front wheel has an imperfect spoke tension ratio so by moving both flanges equally they may be widening bracing angles but they are ignoring the issue of tension. What sets our Boost front hub apart is that we have decided to move the left flange out by 5mm but actually leave the right flange where it is. In doing this we have made it so that the spoke tension ratio is much closer to equilibrium and this yields a stronger and stiffer wheel than if we were to merely follow suit with the same design as everyone else.

Thoughtfully angled flanges. This is a big one, folks. We are the only manufacturer on the market to create a little to no-touch environment that allows the spokes to touch the hub only at the bend and nowhere else. This creates a more stable and true wheel and eliminates any unnecessary stress on the spokes. We have achieved this by adjusting the angle of the flanges slightly inward to mimic the angle of the spokes and remove any interference.  On many of our competitors’ hubs the flanges are vertical causing the spokes to have to bend around the flange creating a stress point and reducing the strength of the wheel.

Rotor bolt holes are form tapped which creates a stronger, cleaner thread than the more common method of cut tapping.

Hubs also feature a CNC machined logo versus a lasered or stickered logo.

Rigid Quality Control. This is something we take VERY seriously. You will not receive a hub with a scratch or ding. We believe it is your job to try and tear this baby up, not ours. We also maintain tight controls on anodizing to provide consistent colors and use an extra long seal to preserve color. Unfortunately, fading is part of the nature of the anodizing process, but the extra long seal helps maintain the original brilliance as long as possible. (add more about tolerances and checks)

Outstanding Customer Service. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and our availability. A real person still answers the phone and we have team of knowledgeable sales and technical advisers available to help you over the phone or via email. Our response times are normally very fast, often same day and our shipping team works hard to get your product as quickly as possible (often same day).

Industry leading warranty – 10 year hub shell warranty and 5 year end cap warranty (For original owner only; does not apply to ano fading).

  • Weight 168.3g.
  • Available in 15mm Thru Axle, 15mm Thru Axle Torque and 20mm Thru Axle.
  • 110mm Axle spacing.
  • CNC engraved logo (not laser etch or sticker).
  • Industry leading warranty – 10 year hub shell warranty and 5 year end cap warranty (For original owner only; does not apply to ano fading).
  • Made in the USA.
  • Comes standard with 2 High Precision Japanese Cartridge bearings.
  • Upgrade to Kogel Ceramic bearings for $97.50.
  • Flange angles that allow the spokes to only touch at the bend of the spoke and nowhere else.
  • Pre-polished for extra shine.
  • 28 and 32 hole options available
  • Available in all 10 color options with long lasting anodization.