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STANS NOTUBES Yellow Rim Sealing Tape

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Designed to easily create an airtight seal in the spoke bed of any of our Bead Socket Technology rims, our Yellow Tape can also be used as ultralight rim tape for rims used with tubes. Other brands of rims that lack our BST generally also require a tubeless conversion kit to be properly sealed for tubeless use. Available in 21mm, 25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 33mm, 36mm, 39mm widths. One 9.1m roll tapes five 26-inch rims or four 29ers.

Rims not listed below require a full tubeless conversion kit.

21mm width tape fits;
- ZTR Olympic
- ZTR 355
- ZTR Alpine
- ZTR Crest
- ZTR Iron Cross
- ZTR Alpha 340 (2 layers)
- ZTR Alpha 400 (2 layers)
- Most road clincher rims

25mm width tape fits;
- Crest MK3
- ZTR 355 (26", 650b, 29")
- ZTR Crest
- ZTR Arch EX
- ZTR Flow EX

27mm width tape fits;
- Arch Mk3
- ZTR Flow EX
- ZTR Bravo 
- ZTR Hugo 52mm
- ZTR Rapid 28
- ZTR Rapid 30

30mm width fits;
- Flow MK3

Stan's 33mm Rim Tape is recommended for rims with an internal width of 31-33mm.

Stan's 36mm Rim Tape is recommended for rims with an internal width of 34-36mm.

Stan's 39mm Rim Tape is recommended for rims with an internal width of 37-39mm.

Our tape is air tight and non-porous, super thin and will not affect tire fit, and does not leave a messy residue when it needs to be replaced.
When running less than 45psi a single wrap of tape is necessary, when running greater than 45psi a double wrap of tap is required. 
For your safety, please check rim/wheel manufacturers suggested guidelines for using tubeless tape.

9.1m (10 yard) Roll will fit approximately 5 26" rims or 4 29" rims.
55m (60 yard) Roll will fit approximately 30 26" rims or 24 29" rims.

This rim tape can be used to seal most NoTubes ZTR Rims airtight. Rim tape weight per rim approx 5g.