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Afton Keegan MTB Shoes The revolution of offroad shoes has finally arrived! The award-winning Afton Keegan MTB Shoe has been designed to recreate the way we think about the trail, with performance and comfort enhanced whether you’re shredding hard or casually walking. Gone are the days of downhill discomfort. Afton have worked tirelessly to eliminate the pain inspired by using the pedals far too often on long descents. Introducing their own proprietary mono-directional shank which delivers added stiffness to your pedalling, vibration is reduced while enhanced power transfers get you in and out of berms quicker than you can say roost. Should you wish to plan out the best path for your session, the Keegan shoes, winner of the 2018 Design & Innovation Award, shine when leaving the bike behind and are perfect for walking in and climbing up ledges. Unrivalled Traction Thanks to its proprietary Intact® rubber, the Keegan MTB shoe boasts a Shore A of 60 and is certain to provide excess grip and durability from the first pedal until the last. With plenty of reinforcement, hard landings and impacts promise not to damage your feet, while the reinforced toe box with additional protective PU taping protects from rough terrain and rocks. Breathability and Comfort Delivering an extremely comfortable fit suitable for all levels of intensity, the Keegan shoes are designed for performance and have a relaxed fitting to offer a truly snug fit. Highly breathable, lateral, medial and toe venting maximises airflow around the foot while air mesh keeps out debris. To reduce odour, anti-microbial moulded foam insoles take control. - Improved and accurate fit. - Afton’s second generation Intact® rubber is more resilient and less susceptible to tears while keeping our Shore A of 60. - 2018 Design & Innovation Award winner for its internal shank technology. - Mono-directional interior shank supports your foot on the pedal during impacts, assists in energy transfer when pedaling, and reduces vibration yet flexes to allow normal walking. - Outsole constructed specifically to interface with a flat pedal yet provide traction when climbing and descending hills off the bike. - Reinforced toe box with additional protective PU taping together protect your toes and shoes from rock deflections and impacts.