ESI Grips for Jones H-Bar Black Chunky 32mm

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Chunky  grips available for riders looking for the best shock absorbing grip in the industry.

- Grip Length: 210mm 

- Installed Diameter:  Chunky 32mm

Benefits of Silicone:
Grip - Wet or dry, your hands stay put!
Slip-proof, yet not sticky!
Comfort - Reduces hand numbness, fatigue, and arm pump
Wear - UV resistant, non porous, and will not harden or fade
Bar Adhesion - No glue, hairspray, or lock-ons required! These grips will not throttle!
Elements - Withstands a huge range of severe temperatures and climates - any condition you can throw at it!
Maintenance - Washable - Install/Remove with rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or compressed air