Intense Shoulder Bolt Coarse Thread

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The following Intense models use one FINE THREAD shoulder bolt on the UPPER end of the top link, and two COARSE THREAD shoulder bolts on the lower end of the top link: 
Carbine SL 
Carbine 275 

The following Intense models use four COARSE THREAD shoulder bolts (secures top link to main frame and seatstay): 

Tracer 275 Alloy (2014 and earlier) 
Spider (3rd gen) 
Spider 29 (3rd gen) 
Tracer 29 
Tracer 2 
Uzzi VP 
Slopestyle 2 
951 and 951 FRO (951 EVO uses coarse thread wide flange model) 
Spider 2 
Tazer VP 
Tracer VP 
Tracer 2 
Spider XVP 
Spider FRO 
Uzzi VPX