Gloworm XS Light System 2200 Lumens

All Gloworm lights lumen claims have been independently corroborated by in their Lights Shootout. They have all been rated at 4.5/5 and continue to impress reviewers around the globe.

Lower price lights from other sources state theoretical lumens and do not have speciifc test results or reviews to back up the claims and quality of their product.  Additionally, it must be noted that battery chargers used by Gloworm conform to AUS/NZ safety standards.

Improvements on older models:

  • Upgraded LEDs
  • Improved battery indication and reliability
  • Stronger more flexible cables

The Flagship light of the Gloworm suite, the XS retains the small form factor expected of a Gloworm but with a powerful 2200 lumen output.

The XS can be mounted on either bar (with the included QR Mount) or helmet, and is so lightweight it can even be worn with a headstrap! This light is ready for anything you can throw at it, a perfect combination of brightness, weight, runtime and value. The XS is poised to make waves in cycling community. 

  • The Gloworm XS has one of the best light output vs. size vs. weight ratios in the world!
  • Light head is only 110g!
  • Designed in New Zealand.
  • Intelligent Mode Technology


  •     2200 Lumens (Real, not theoretical output)
  •     IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) technology
  •     330g total system weight with battery pack
  •     Waterproof to IP66
  •     6800 mAH Lithium Ion Hard Case Battery with 4 Panasonic cells
  •     3 x Cree XML-2 U2 LED emitters - the latest generation of Cree emitters
  •     3 optic system
  •     2 hr runtime on Maximum power
  •     5hr battery charge
  •     Remote switch

The XS is delivered in a hard-shell carry case.  The contents of the case are:

  •     Lithium Ion Battery Smart Charger
  •     Extension Cable
  •     Light Head
  •     Alloy Helmet Mount
  •     Alloy Quick Release Handlebar Mount
  •     Li-ion Battery Pack 6800mAh (sealed case) using 4 Panasonic Li-ion cells
  •     Spare optics


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