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Andrew Jackson is a part of Flashpoint MVMNT, a program that Giro founded to break down barriers and change the image of cycling. Andrew hails from downtown Los Angeles, California, and has an impressive history as a BMX street-riding legend. He recently discovered the joy of drop bar bikes, trading rail slides and wall rides for gravel events and road races. He brings a new, creative style to gravel and road riding, which is inspired by his BMX background and his professional career as a filmmaker.
This graphic began with a photograph that Andrew shot of a street in the Arts District of LA. “LA has changed so much in the past few years,” he says. “This neighborhood has become gentrified. Lyft has a huge corporate office there now.” Riding these streets every day, Andrew clearly sees the contrasts between the old Arts District and the new, gentrified version. “It’s a city of contrast – when people think of LA, they think palm trees and sunshine,” he says. “We have that, but we also have tent encampments next to $5 million dollar homes. We have an Arts District that artists can no longer afford, because it’s been called the hottest real estate market in the country. People think that the best riding in LA is along the beach, but I have amazing gravel rides that start downtown.”