Ezee Quan-do Folder

We have Quando riders in NZ now that have been riding them for nine years and going strong! the Quando by eZee Kenitic fits in planes, boats, car trunks, RVs, under your desk or in a tight corner. The eZee Quandoƒ??s quick 15 seconds fold-up sequence and lightweight make it ideal for storage, but it rides like a full sized bike.The folded dimensions are 900x880x360mm. Unfolded, its powerful motor powering 20? wheels give it amazing pep and versatility. One of our best hill climbers, great for the hilly regions. So handy and well designed, this ticks all the boxes for many people.The high torque motor powers the rear wheel.The Quando is equipped with superb components from the best suppliers in the world. eZee uses German wheels and tyres, Scandanavian spokes, Shimano Deore brakes front and rear, front/rear LED lights, tough polycarbonate mudguards, a cushy suspended Velo seat and a 25 kg rated alloy rear rack. German puncture resistant tyres are standard as well, making it a very well-speced e-bike. We place no derailleur on the bike because with the tough life of a 20? folding bike, derailleurs are a maintenance nuisance . A very secure folding mechanism sacrifices nothing on durability or security. These are being used on forest roads, by caravaners and heaps of commuters that need the compact advantage. Stuck on a rainy night, the Quando is easy to taxi home. The strength of the rack and wheels allows heavy loading. Our Quando comes in blue, black, and silver, and white. This bikeƒ??s motor has the maximum power allowed and legal under NZ law and you will find it has ample, controlled but available, power. Note that it does not have a derailleur and that is intentional. with our folding bike. Banging in and out of transport, the derailleur with get whacked around, chain can fall off, and is a dirty nuisance to avoid. Please test ride this bike to confirm how easy it is to navigate with, fold and stow. Schedule a test ride today.

These bikes come with an 11 Ah battery as standard. You can upgrade to a bigger battery (15Ah, 21 Ah, 28 Ah) or purchase a spare battery for an additional cost. Contact us to confirm availability of colours and discuss options.

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