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The M525 is a purpose built, full carbon fiber XC wheel that’s lighter, wider, and more vertically compliant without sacrificing strength or reliability. Additionally the M525 features ENVE’s patent pending wide, hookless beads that improve pinch flat resistance and allow riders to run modern light weight XC tires, reducing the risk of pinch flatting or impact damage. Depth 25mm Internal Width 25mm Hole Count 24 27.5” Rim Weight 345g DT240 CL Boost 1317g ERD 569mm 29" Rim Weight 365g DT240 CL Boost 1370g ERD 608mm Key Features: • Designed and engineered for 2.1” to 2.4” tires • Improved pinch flat and impact resistance • Lightweight • Patented Molded Spoke Hole Technology • Hookless bead design • Tubeless