Enve Foundation Ag25 Wheelset

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Preparation is key to a successful adventure into uncharted territories. Our experiences developing and riding the flagship G Series and M Series have created a quiver of performance-enhancing features that have been incorporated into the AG25 and AG28 wheel models. RIDE TUNED TO REWARD YOUR HARDEST EFFORTS The AG25 & AG28 were designed to withstand the unexpected and support you when the going gets rough.Given the importance of comfort and compliance when riding unsuspended on rough surfaces, we set out to better understand the correlation between comfort and various rim constructions. What resulted was a progression of more than a dozen unique rim laminates to balance the rim’s compliance, weight, and responsiveness. A shallow rim depth improves vertical compliance and vibration damping, and the rim's cross-section and laminate are optimized for responsive power transmission and cornering stability. By using on-board data acquisition equipment and aligning it with subjective test ride feedback, our laminate design team have refined the AG25 & AG28 to deliver a ride quality that is both responsive and compliant, supportive yet forgiving. YOUR SPOKE NIPPLES SHOULD BE THE LAST THING YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT By employing ENVE’s patented Molded Spoke Hole technology and configuring it for external nipples, you can rest assured that you’re riding a wheel that’s been built for reliability and serviceability when you need it most. MAKE PINCH FLATS A THING OF THE PAST The cringe-inducing impact between rock and rim is something we’ve all experienced when the desire to shred trail overwhelms our better judgement. Unless you’re running too much tyre pressure, that impact will typically result in a pinch-flatted tyre. The AG25 and AG28 feature our patent pending Wide Hookless Bead technology that’s proven to shrug off pinch flats to the tune of a 60% improvement over traditional hookless bead rims. Run the tyre pressure you want with confidence.The AG25 and AG28 feature our patent pending Wide Hookless Bead technology, which has proven to shrug off pinch flats to the tune of a 60% improvement over a traditionally narrower hookless bead. BUILT TO SHRUG OFF YOUR BAD IDEAS Wheel performance is only as good as the tyres and setup you employ for your next adventure. The AG25 and AG28 each feature an inner rim width optimized to accommodate the latest trends in high-volume tubeless tyres. The AG25's inner rim width of 25mm has a minimum recommended tyre size of 32mm. Run the Best Pressure. Visit our Tire Pressure Page to dial in your optimum tire pressure Please refer to our Tire Compatibility Page to see what tires are approved/recommended for use with the AG25. SPECIFICATIONS DIAMETER: 700c RIM DEPTH: 21MM INNER RIM WIDTH: 25mm HOLE COUNT: 24h/24h HUB: ENVE Foundation Alloy SPOKES: Spaim CX Sprint NIPPLES: Brass Internal DRIVETRAIN: HG, XDR RECOMMENDED TIRE WIDTH: 36mm - 50mm WEIGHT: 1480g The AG25 wheelset is disc brake only. "Despite me riding like a bag of Anvils, I didn't faze the construction of these wheels in the slightest" - Velonews LIFETIME INCIDENT PROTECTION AND 5 YEAR WARRANTY As a member of the Family and the original owner of your ENVE product, you'll qualify for ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection and have access to ENVE's industry-leading 5-Year Limited Warranty.