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Enduro Loose Ball Bearings Ceramic

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The ultimate upgrade for your rolling components, Enduro Ceramic Balls are made from pure Silicon Nitride material (Si3N4) with extreme high density from uniform compaction (3.25 g/cm3), the micro-structural elements of this material is second to none. There are quite a few different materials used for ceramic balls and races in the Industry, at Enduro we only use the best, Silicon Nitride from Japan. The high precision Grade 5 Si3N4 pure ceramic balls are 5/1,000,000" from exactly round in sphericity. 60% lighter weight and 7 times harder than steel, friction is reduced to the lowest level possible. Tougher and less brittle than other ceramic materials, there is simply no comparison for corrosion resistance or magnetic problems with Enduro Si3N4 balls.