Elite Eroica Vintage Cages

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The Eroica bottlecage is the aluminium bottlecage to install on a bicycle's handlebar. 
Its design closely mirrors the bottlecages of past champions.

An elegant and detailed tool, with opaque satin-finishing. 

It's adjustable based on bottle diameter and features a system that holds the bottle in place even on the harshest terrains (for instance, dirt roads) by using a simple lever.

Passion for cycling, today as yesterday

It's not just a simple bottlecage, it's also a unique and fascinating object for those that wish to relive the heroics of past champions that wrote the history of cycling with blood, sweat and tears. 

This bottlecage, combined with the Eroica bottle, is ideal for the ever-growing number of cyclists that compete in granfondos, which are more and more successful not just in Italy but all over the World.