eBike Conversion Kit - Brilliant Bafang BBS02 36V

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The Bafang BBS02 has proven itself an easy, versatile, reliable and fun motor. Replacing the standard crank it drives through the existing rear-wheel gears. This gives it amazing torque (hill-climbing ability) in low gears and easy, fast cruising in high gears. As standard it provides the NZ legal limit of 300W continuous with no artificial speed limit (unlike most other electric bikes available). This can be upgraded to 500W but will no longer be road legal.
The motor engages when you pedal, with several levels of help (PAS system) and/or when you use the throttle. By popular demand we have programmed it to work “throttle only”. On level 0 there is no pedalling help, the motor only works with the throttle. 
The C965b display and controls are clear and easy to use. This can be upgraded to a full colour display.

The 13Ah battery is made from quality components and fits to water-bottle mounts or with an adaptor the luggage carrier. It has a USB outlet to charge devices and an isolation switch. The case is a Reention DS4 and within it are Panasonic cells in 4S10P configuration.
The included charger refills the battery in about 6 hours from empty.

If you would like greater range we also offer the 17Ah battery with 30% more capacity.

This is greatly affected by top-speed, rider weight and rider effort. 40km per charge should be easy. We have customers who achieve 100km. To do this they limit their top speed and also put in more of their own effort.
Included is a basic steel 46T chainring. We recommend and supply the high-quality Lekkie Bling-Ring range in sizes from 36 to 52T.
Included are brake levers with cutoff switches to cut motor power when braking. These are compatible with cable brakes (V and Disc) and straight bars (mtb/commuter, not drop-handle). If you have hydraulic brakes you will need a magnetic sensor which we can supply. We can also supply ebike specific hydraulic brakes if you wish to upgrade your brakes as well as your motor.
Gear Shift Sensor
We are able to provide a simple shift sensor. This cuts power when you change gear, protecting the chain and gears.

Compatibility and Installation
The motor fits most bikes with standard “BSA” bottom brackets between 68 – 73mm wide. 
The installation is fairly straightforward with a basic knowledge of bicycle mechanics. If you are unsure we suggest that you get a bike mechanic to fit it for you.

Motor inc Controller (9 Fet 25a) 
Speed Sensor and Magnet
C965b Display
Thumb Throttle
Basic 46T Chainring 
Brake Levers for cable brakes
Genuine Anderson Battery Connectors
Square Taper Cranks
All bolts and fittings

Larger Battery
Power upgrade to 500W (not road-legal, musst use larger battery)
Colour display
Narrow-wide chain rings 52T-36T
Gear Shift Sensor