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Chris King Mtn30 Wheelset

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We came out with our own wheel because we got the opportunity to participate in the development of a new rim: a rim that is of outstanding quality, is tuned to our performance specs, and is made of a recyclable material that doesn’t add to landfills, keeping us in line with our commitment to the environment and being a certified B - corp. Performance, good looks, minimal carbon impact, and backed up by a lifetime warranty? Yes please! The MTN30 wheel tracks better in hard corners and is more stable at high-speeds due to the dynamic compliance provided by FusionFiber™, a ground breaking thermoplastic alternative to traditional carbon fiber. This is a versatile wheel for riders who ride every kind of terrain. We paired the MTN30 with our Boost Centerlock hubs and their 72-points of simultaneous engagement. That makes these wheels super efficient at transferring your power to the ground. We throw in one-piece solid axles to provide a stiff hub with rail-accurate steering. So you’ve got a light, comfort-oriented, high performance wheelset that will accommodate a lot of tyres. It’s tremendous value for the rider who just wants to ride bikes all day - that sounds like you. Finally, our bearings, both steel and ceramic, have heat-treated, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously to ensure perfect matching. The quality and speed of our bearings is what you will feel on every ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish they actually get faster. A little bit of regular love (i.e. servicing) will keep this hub rolling for years upon years of demanding use. And of course, this wheelset comes with the legendary angry-bee sound. Built in-house in our purpose built wheel building workshop Chris King Boost Centerlock 28-hole front hub Chris King Boost Centerlock 28-hole rear hub Tape and Valve Kit included with this wheelset King Lifetime Warranty SPECIFICATIONS DIAMETER: 29" RIM DEPTH: 23.5mm INNER RIM WIDTH: 29mm HOLE COUNT: 28h/28h HUB: Chris King Boost Centerlock SPOKES: Sapim D-Light NIPPLES: Black Alloy DRIVETRAIN: HG, MicroSpline, XD RECOMMENDED TIRE WIDTH: 2.3-2.6" WEIGHT: 1746g THE GOOD, THE BETTER AND THE EVEN BETTER THAN THAT THE GOOD - MANUFACTURED IN THE U S OF A It’s good to make stuff you want to ride, and wheelsets are the most exciting thing we’ve worked on in a long time. It’s good that we found a US-based, rim partner who understands our vision for products that perform well and last forever with minimal impact on the planet. It’s also good they cost less than most of the other high-end wheels on the market. THE BETTER - LIFETIME WARRANTY It's better we tested multiple layup options to get the exact ride-feel we wanted. It’s better that we were able to find a sweet spot in the high-end wheel game that adds some comfort back into the mix, without sacrificing handling or durability. And it's really better that; based on all the good stuff above, we can warranty them for life so you can focus on riding. EVEN BETTER THAN THAT - FULLY RECYCLABLE These wheels will last forever, and in the event they do break, we have a recycling path for them that will keep them out of the landfill. You should take for granted that a Chris King wheel is going to ride great and look great, but that it also dramatically reduces the environmental impact that most carbon fiber wheels have is even better than that. It’s maybe even the best. AND some extra bullets that our friends at CSS want to make sure you knew about the manufacturing of our rims: ZERO waste or scrap ZERO carbon dust ZERO emissions Uses 1/3 electricity per part compared to traditional composite parts 50% increase in damping properties 100% Recyclable