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Ceramic Juice - For Dry Riding Conditions Ceramic Juice is a hi tech dry to moist conditions chain lube - dont use it in the wet, because it wasnt designed for that and it wont work as well. I have included some scientific jargon below for your viewing pleasure, but basically shifting performance is greatly enhanced, you dont get the horrible metal on metal ginding noise that you sometimes get by shifting gears when you shouldn't and if applied to a thoroughly degreased chain to start with, your chain will stay much cleaner and last longer. It comes with our twist-top flow regulator cap for easy and precise application, which also removes the problem of ever losing the lid! To get the best from Ceramic Juice we strongly advise only applying it to a well cleaned chain. The reason for this is simple - a dirty chain will contaminate the lube immediately and it simply wont be able to work as effectively as it should. Once the chain has been cleaned and Ceramic Juice applied, you wont need to worry about scrubbing the chain as much before your next application. Allow Ceramic Juice to penetrate the chain for a couple of minutes and then wipe off any excess lube before you begin your ride.