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At the heart of every bicycle is flush-cut housing, and cleanly cut and crimped cables. The Cable and Housing Tool manages these tasks with precision and elegance. The cold-forged, hardened CRV tool steel arms and precision-faced cutting jaws, even the stiffest housing gets a perfect cut every time. The built-in crimper perfectly secures housing ferrules and cable end-caps, and a closure latch keeps the jaws protected when not in use. These cutter-crimpers are perfect for learning bike maintenance, or for veteran mechanics. Available separate, or found in our Team Edition Tool Kit. • Squarely cuts even the stiffest compression-less housing • Cold-forged and hardened CRV tool steel arms prevent flex for easier cuts • Creates perfect cable cuts, preventing fraying or damaged ends • Precision-faced cutting jaws stay sharp and prevent cable and housing distortion • Crimping tool creates capped cables without risk of damaging ends • Closure latch keeps tool closed when not in use • Overmolded file tread handles promote comfort and control during challenging cuts • Designed to work on all types of bikes • Found in the Team Edition Tool Kit Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports tools, and the Cable and Housing Tool is right at home in our tool collection. The value of precision cable and housing cutting and crimping tools is too often overlooked. But at the core of every bicycle maintenance schedule is the cable system for braking and shifting – with perfectly cut, and secured cable and housing the true heartbeat. The Cable and Housing Tool is the gateway to all this service, making a great addition to any bike tool kit. The durability, high-end finish and ergonomic handle makes it the obvious choice of tool aficionados around the world. This 2-in-1 bike tool manages mechanical cable and housing on any bike, showing just how much we pay attention to the needs of the beginner bike mechanic and professional tech. With a hardened CRV tool steel core and overmolded ergonomic grip, this bike repair tool is a musthave for any cyclist wanting to manage home bike maintenance or support a local cycling event. Available separate, or found in our Team Edition Tool Kit.