Battery 36V 17ah 610Wh Reention DS5

We have two types of 36V battery available. These offer good, huge and huger range! All are packed with top-quality cells giving you a durable, dependable battery. Thanks to the pace of change in battery technology we're getting these better batteries cheaper and are passing that on to you.

The batteries include a mount which fits by attaching to the water bottle mountings. They fit most bikes. Included is a 3A mains charger and 'Anderson' type connectors meaning they will plug straight into one of our BBS02 kits.

The 13Ah batteries are in the neat little Reention DS4 case and the 17Ah is in its bigger brother, the DS5. Both have high-quality materials and construction. Metal mounts and water-resistant connectors are great touches, as are the covered USB, charge port and switch.

  • The 13Ah / 470Wh is packed with high quality Panasonic18650 cells in 10S4P configuration.
  • The 17Ah / 610Wh is also packed with Panasonic 18650 cells in 10S5P configuration. The extra 'P' gives the punch necessary to run the 500W version of the Bafang BBS02.
  • The 17.5Ah / 630Wh is packed with Sanyo's 18650B GA cells. It is, by 0.1Ah, the highest capacity 36V eBike battery we've stocked so far yet it still fits in the sleekest case we've had. Brilliant!

All are in stock and ready to go.

Pick you option and get some energy! Contact us if you want more information, we're happy to help.

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