Niner BioCentric 30

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The Niner BioCentric II makes adjustments easy across a wide range of gears and eliminates the need for adjustable dropouts, giving the cleanest possible solution for singlespeed use. No bolt on hubs, no chain tensioners cluttering your ride, no brake adjustments with gear changes.

The BioCentric 30 will have a similar design and function as its BioCentric II counterpart, but compact for use in most PF30 shells. The sealed bottom bracket will be integrated into the cups of the BioCentric 30 and will be capable of handling most 24mm spindle cranks. The BioCentric 30 is compatible with the Air 9 RDO (Boost spaced frames only) Air 9 Alloy, RLT 9 Steel and RLT 9 only.

This part is not returnable.