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We've paired the all-new Flow MK4 rim with legendary Hope Pro 4 hubs to produce one of our most versatile wheelsets yet. Light enough for all-day epics, yet strong and stiff enough to inspire you to push your limits for years to come. Each and every WBWO wheelset is individually crafted with precision in our purpose-built workshop right here in Rotorua, New Zealand, using methods developed by our mechanics who have worked at the highest professional levels of the sport. Our wheels have proven themselves on home soil and internationally under the most demanding elite riders. We know that after your first spin on yours you won't want to ride anything else. STAN'S NOTUBES - FLOW MK4 RIM Since 2007, the Flow rim has been helping riders progress, push boundaries, and do more on their bikes. The original Flow was light, wide, tubeless, and strong as hell. It redefined mountain bike rims and played a role in the evolution of riding. Today's Flow MK4 continues the progression with a 30mm wide asymmetric rim designed to build an even stronger overall wheel. Durability and an almost uncanny feeling of control on the trail have made Flow rims the preferred choice of multiple Red Bull Rampage riders, and today’s Flow goes even further. The Flow MK4’s reinforced spoke bed, combined with the offset drilling of the asym design, builds into an incredibly durable wheel that brings added confidence to every ride. Unlike many asymmetric rims, the Flow MK4's BST Asymmetric shape is designed to equalize resistance to dents and tire bead retention on both sides of the rim under even the worst rock gardens and hardest cornering. Combined with Stan's patented BeadSocket Technology, the Flow MK4 rim offers the easiest tubeless setup and most reliable airtight performance on the trail. Ramp up your progression and make every ride even better with the confidence of Flow MK4 asymmetric rims. Low-profile 30mm internal width optimizes tire shape, traction, and control for 2.3-2.6”tires Durable 6069 aluminum with welded joint and reinforced spoke bed BST Asymmetric design combines Stan’s legendary easy tubeless inflation with a stronger, more balanced wheel build HOPE PRO 4 HUBS Incredibly versatile and easily serviceable hub with a proven reputation for bullet proof quality time and time again. 10, 11 and 12 speed compatible Sealed stainless Steel cartridge bearings throughout Hub shell machined from a single forged aluminium billet Standard 6 bolt disc fitting 4 Pawl ratchet system with 44 tooth engagement (8.2 deg) Larger spoke flange to enable stiffer wheel builds Unsurpassed reliability