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Santa Cruz Nomad 5

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NZ stock is limited with a full range available for pre-order, expected around April 2021, Alloy frames expected to arrive around 2022 season. Please contact us with your required specs so that we can confirm availability and/or timing. 


Big mountain riding is a nomadic existence. Meeting friends in farflung car parks. Pinpointing trails you're not sure are even rideable. Sending the ones you know are. Shiny new bling gets battered, shattered and bruised. That’s life. That’s how it should be. That's why the Nomad exists.

Probably the most abused bike in our line up, every Nomad has a story to tell. But each Nomad we've made keeps coming back for more. It's not Stockholm Syndrome, it's called sealed bearings in all pivots, a lower link grease port, shuttle guards and free bearing replacements. Why scrap a frame when a simple bearing service can make one last a lifetime? That's our stance on sustainability at least, and it's why our carbon fiber doesn’t just mean lighter, it means tough as hell backed up by a lifetime warranty and crash replacement support.

There’s no time for puzzling when on a road trip either. That's why we chose 27.5 wheels as the go-to for the widest variety of riding styles and rider sizes. When peeling your bike out of the van at a new spot your only question should be “Is this a full face or a half lid kinda ride?” The 64-degree head angle and 77-degree seat angle puts you in the sweet spot when winching up to the top of a big drop in. Meanwhile proportional chainstay lengths mean handling is never compromised, regardless of frame size.

And when we say big travel, we're not talking about your Transit's odometer. We're talking 170mm of 38mm diameter fork and 170mm of VPP rear suspension compatible with both coil and air shocks. The details are completed by a neat mud flap to protect the rear shock, plus tidy cable routing within the frame and swingarm, and rubberized DT protectors to shrug off strikes.

Please contact us to confirm your size, colour preference and build specs. 
Brief discription of bike build options: 
C R Kit, RS Super Deluxe Select, RS Zeb 170
C S Kit, RS Super Deluxe Select+, Fox 38 Per
C XT Kit, RS Super Deluxe Select+ Air OR Coi
C XT RSV Kit, RS Super Deluxe Select+ Air OR
 CC X01 Kit, Fox Float Factory X2 OR Coil, Fo
CC X01 RSV Kit, Fox Float Factory X2 OR Coil